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Good evening my friends!

I can hear you right now: “I don’t have time.” Neither do I. But this is something God has been working on with me lately. 

He made time. 

Like, he literally made it for us to live in.

He does not live in it, He lives outside of it. 

As a fan of SyFy (ahem, kind of a confession there), I am familiar with human kind’s obsession with time. There is no shortage of movies about time travel. And it never fails that no matter how much time the hero has available, via time machine of course, time always becomes the one thing he/she never has enough of. 

Even if you don’t watch time travel movies, you are familiar with deadlines and time crunches and the pressure that something so hard to get a real understanding of (have you ever heard “time is relative”?) has on our lives.

So what do we do when we are hard pressed by time, running out of time, short on time or even when we have time on our hands?

We remember the one who is the same Yesterday, Today and FOREVER! (Hebrews 13:8)

I have a little challenge for you when you are overwhelmed by the idea of our time here on Earth: Read Genesis chapter 1, then read Job chapters 38-41. Yes, I know it is a lot and you JUST told me that you had no time 😉 , but you can stretch this out over several days. I won’t judge 


Here is my point: We are overwhelmed by our time crunches and our calendars and our own ultimate end in sight, but God, being outside of time (stay with me here) is like my kid with his trains. He sees the whole line and He can enter it at any point. He can’t run out of time.

God is here with you now.

God was with you when you hurt.

God will be with you when life is tough or when it ends.

And He never, ever changed who He was, is or is going to be.

His Grace and Forgiveness on the Cross was not a “limited time offer” so to speak, either. 

This is the most important thing I will say in this email or any time: The blood of Jesus reaches into all of our time and is there for us no matter how long we think we have walked away from the offer.

I love you all and I hope you see your time a little differently today.


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