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Hello my friends!

This week starts our Wednesday night Fall Women’s Bible study. I am so excited! I will be leading us through Jen Wilkin’s God of Creation study, a study of Genesis 1-11. It is amazing and I hope that many of you have already signed up or are planning to join us tomorrow at 6:30.

This study ties in so well with Marian’s portrait of Eve from TueGather. The beginning of the greatest story is often overlooked but that doesn’t make it less important. Genesis is the foundation of the whole story, the reminder of what exactly it was we lost, how we lost it and the promise that God will restore us.

On that note, I got to watch a bumblebee work (I promise it really is on that note). 


I’ve been afraid of bees since I was little, like hide in the car when we got to school because there was a bee outside, and because of this I never really watched them.

Seriously, I thought those people who keep bees were crazy. My mom is allergic to bee stings and I love my mamma! So, watching a bee for any length of time was not something I planned to do.

But there I was, waiting in the Whataburger line for my giant Diet Coke, and there he was, doing what bees do.

I watched and as I watched it occurred to me, he wasn’t attacking, he wasn’t lying in wait to sting me. This beautiful (and believe me it is a miracle of God that I can say that) bumblebee was doing what he was created to do. As he went from flower to flower I realized, the flower is doing what it was made to do as well, even though they may make me sneeze.

So, in a world filled with things that make me sneeze, itch, cry out in pain or fear, the good that God created still lies beneath.

I’m gonna make this a short note today and leave it there.

God’s perfect creation is there, albeit damaged by sin, if we will just be still and watch Him work.

“By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.”  Hebrews 11:3 ESV



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