Thanksgiving, Black Friday and, Thank You Very Much

Hey all! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving celebration, or as I call it, the celebration of the first day of Christmas sock season. (My mom’s the Christmas pro, she has a Christmas Sock pre-season).

And I hope none of you got stuck in a crazy crowd of doorbusters on Friday. But if you did, I hope you are recovering, or, if you enjoy that kind of thing, I hope you are happy.

I’ve been hinting lately about a huge project that I would like to begin with you all. It’s very exciting and I hope you can learn along with me, but if you can’t, I will share what I learn through the experience.

I’m going to call it 365 Days to Thank You. It won’t be literally 365 days, but we will start on December 1, 2019 and end on December 1, 2020. My hope is that we will enter next year’s Thankful season with a true, undiluted definition of thankfulness and that we begin to see the Grace of Gratitude.

I will not ask much. Each week I will have a little assignment in my blog. The next week I will discuss my experience of that assignment and have a brand new one to build on the one before. There will be a few supplies that you will need:

  • A notebook. This can be a leftover of a kids school supplies from last year that you kept because you spent money on it and you kid only used two pages and then lost it (this is based on a true story). Or this could be a clearance item from your local school supply store, or an old three ring binder or, well, really anything you can keep your notes in for this experience. Write “Thank You” on the front as a reminder of what we’re looking for here.
  • A pen or pencil. Your favorite or whatever writing instrument is rolling around in the bottom of your purse or car or that junky junk drawer that we never admit the existence of to our Pinterest personality.
  • Bible. Praise God these are easy to find in the USA.
  • Dictionary. Book or internet, most of them are the same, just don’t use Wiki anything.

Our first few weeks will be discovering what “Thank you” has become in ourselves and in our world. The first few assignments will seem a little strange, I have to admit. But if you will trust me and take this ride along with me, you will learn so much.

So, that being said, Week One. Here it is: Watermelon. Seriously, that’s it.

Over the next week, whenever the opportunity arises, use the word Watermelon. In conversations, in text or email but almost always out of context (that is with understanding friends of course). The first day I want you to write down how you feel about Watermelon and on the last day I want you to see if the word you have used over and over has the same meaning to you.

I know it’s weird, but Watermelon on.

Love you all,


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