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Hey ladies,

So, I think we have all heard the saying in the last couple of years, “Don’t compare your life to somebody else’s Pinterest/Facebook/Instagram, etc.” And I know that is absolutely true.

Social Media is not real life, but still I find myself getting caught up. It’s very enthralling to watch the best parts of everyone’s lives scroll by on the phone or computer screen. I have spent hours, especially now that I have a high school class reunion coming up, looking up old friends to see how their lives are going, or at least how they look like they are going.

I step away from these sessions, after liking and laughing and loving and wowing, thinking “Wow, good for you! That is incredible! I’m so happy for you.”

But in the back of my head there is that voice.

I think you all know it.

That little itch in the back of your brain that starts in quietly and then starts shouting: “Yeah, so happy for them. You dropped and broke half of the eggs you had just purchased in the grocery store parking lot today!”

(This really did happen. I cried. I’m over it.)

“And this Pinterest Mom would have taken those egg shells and made them into compost to feed the organic garden from which she gets the vegetables to make those beautiful meals that her five home-schooled kids, who’ve never once seen any screen time, eat with joy and beauty at a table she made from a pallet she found at the back of the grocery store where you couldn’t even hold your eggs!”

(Did not really happen, but you get my drift here.)

Social Media is great to keep in touch, but don’t  believe most of what you see. No one takes a picture of their absolute worst, crying in the grocery store parking lot, days.

That said, we have been provided with the opposite.

The Bible.

It’s like God is reaching down and whispering (whilst crushing that crazy back-of-my-brain voice with his thumb) “I love you. See all of these people I used? They didn’t always have things perfect either. You’re ok. We are going to make something beautiful of this mess.”

Let’s take a quick look at just one of the passages we’ve read in the earlier part of our reading this summer. The genealogy of Christ. 

We know that not one word in the Bible is wasted, and that means that each name on that list is there for a reason. Shall we look at a few? I think it might be time:

Let’s look at Matthew 1: 1-16. I won’t write it out as that would make this even longer, just read along.

Abraham – (Genesis 20) gave in to fear and claimed his wife was his sister, brought big problems on a whole nation.

Judah and Tamar – (Genesis 38) Talk about dirty laundry! Trust me, it’s a soap opera.

Rahab – (Joshua 2) A prostitute by trade before she met the Hebrew spies.

David – (2 Samuel 2:11) Called a Man after God’s own heart. Still an adulterer and a murderer.

There is more, but we could be here forever.

All of these people, flaws included (and shared in the Bible for all time), were deemed worthy by God to be a part of the official genealogy of His son.

So, maybe we can read the Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram posts a little less and the stories of the flawed, yet loved, people in the Bible a little more.

Love you all,


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