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Hi Ladies!

It is Tuesday again. These summer weeks are flying by. I hope you all are doing well and finding God’s word an inspiration every day.

Today I woke up, as it seems I do most days, with a song stuck in my head. Some days it is the theme song to a kids show (let’s be honest, that’s most days) and some days it’s an old hymn, but today it was something that I’ve heard many times on the radio. I’ll spare you the earnest attempt at describing a song in text and suffice it to say that the words that stuck out were “Lord I surrender all that I have”.

I took the time while this was playing over and over in my sleepy brain to pray a little prayer. I want to give my Heavenly Father EVERYTHING I have.
Then I started listing what I was giving Him and something occurred to me:

Everything I have is His to begin with!

The image that I see to describe this is Mother’s day/Father’s day presents when kids are little. We have to help them with every step and the paper and all of the little things they think to include are things they ask us to provide. But when those little hands present that hand made gift to us (even if we had to go as far as writing the words for them) our hearts are touched and we thank them and give them huge hugs.

God is that Daddy. 

He watched us ask for the materials that make up our little lives day after day. He writes the words we can’t yet understand. He draws the plans that we can’t make our little hands draw. But when we look up to Him and say “Here Daddy! This is for you!” I guarantee you that there is a smile on His face and hug ready for us!

He loves us so much. He is the provider of all that we have, all that we need. 

This is the fully developed (fully awake) prayer that I have prayed:

Lord, Heavenly Father, I give you my everything, knowing full well that it came from you in the first place. I love you!

James 1:17 “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

I hope your day is blessed and your week is a blessing,



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