A Different Goal: August 27, 2019 Email

Hey ladies, how are you?

It has been a productive Summer but Fall is a time of starting.

Only New Year’s Eve rivals this time of year for goal setting.

Seems like everything I’m involved in has started setting out goals for the year.

This is a great thing. Goals keep us going and keep us going in a positive direction. (Notice how carefully I avoided saying “moving forward”? I’ll get back to that in a minute.)

Here is an important point about moving in a positive direction. When we begin to follow Christ we do not begin perfected.

Let me say that again, we…are…not…perfect. 

Christ has welcomed us in as we are but He is always, very gently (even if it doesn’t feel gentle), pushing us toward His Goal for us.

But there is a difference in how I set and reach for goals and how God sets and expects me to reach for His Goal.

When I set a goal and reach for it, I sometimes feel like I’m running. Checking off things on my list and moving to the next thing, always assuming that this is accomplishing the goal.

When God sets His Goal for us, our actions have to be a little different. There is a lot of trusting (Proverbs 3:5, Romans 8:28, Psalm 56:3). And I mean a lot of trust. There is stillness (Psalm 46:10, Exodus 14:14). There is humility (John 3:30). There is tearing open and exposing what we have so carefully hidden (Ephesians 5:13). There are plenty of rules, all from one big rule (Matthew 22:36-40). Some rules may not make sense at first, but as we experience life will become amazingly clear in practice. There will be pain and temptation to leave the path He has set (1Peter 5:8-9). And there is healing (1Peter 5:10).

And the goal? 

My goal may be something like finishing a Bible study or losing weight. All great goals for me that will probably make my life a little better. But compare that to His Goal for me, becoming Christlike, and my goals seem like small potatoes to say the least.

Here’s the crazy thing about His Goal vs. my goals: when I’m reaching for my goals I’m often reaching in a million different directions and not really going anywhere. But when I’m reaching for His Goal, He is holding my hand and moving me in a beautiful dance, always moving toward Him. There are pauses and steps backward, but I will never be losing ground when I am with Him.

So my little goals will continue (I find that some of them are all taken care of when I keep His Goal in mind), but my ultimate goal will guide me –

Reach toward God, develop a Christ-like life in Him.

Love you all,


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